The aim of the research is the design and the realization of a demonstrator of wind turbine that uses a rotor with:

1) better overall efficiency of the machine

2) capability to operate in a wider range of wind speeds, that is both at speed lower than those that are currently necessary for the rotation of the rotor and at speeds higher than those currently considered maximum for the structural limits of the rotor and the machine itself.


The idea is  to realize this new type of rotor exploiting the concept of a  variable step and warpage blade.



Name Sector Website
Politecnico di Torino Education , R&D
Blue Engineering srl Engineering & Design
GT-Propellers  srl Propeller Design & Production
SEMIA Energia srl Green Energies
LUCCHI R. Elettromeccanica srl Electric motor production

Funding from :

Ministero dell’Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare

Period :  2011-2014