The project, funded under the Piedmont region program P.O.R. FESR 2007/2013 “innovation” sector , is framed within the theme of smart production systems.

Aim of SMART Paint project is the development of a paper coating system simpler to handle than the actual one, also providing a total weight reduction of the machine while maintaining the same technical and technological characteristics; another goal is the reduction of the fluid (coating color) flow rate used during the coating paper process, thus improving process eco-sustainability. In parallel, new cleaning systems for machine will be developed, a critical aspect of the entire paper treatment process. We will also develop a new equipment able to apply fluid in processes different from paper coating. The working team is composed by Comecart, Tecnogranda, a technology innovation centre, Politecnico of Turin (Material Science Department and Chemical Engineering), Pieffe srl and Blue Engineering.



Name Sector Website
COMECART Machines for  paper industry
TECNOGRANDA R&D in agrifood
Pieffe Processing polyurethane, rubber, technoplastic  polymer

Politecnico di Torino Education , R&D
BLUE Engineering SRL Engineering & Design


Period :  July 2012- December 2013