Verifying automatization


  • Automating activities of technicians assigned to statutory verifications on installations
  • Eliminating manual fill up of paper forms
  • Eliminating user’s data papers containing customers ID data
  • Automating the data-entry of controls
  • Delivering verifications (as requested by legislation) and its results at the same time


AUTO-VER is a mobile application for companies performing verifications on systems, for organizations or wide trade centre which perform systems verifications by themselves.
It automates verification activity and print, in real time, the issue due to system owner.


Information about verification to be performed are downloaded by the server on the hand-held terminal.
The technician verifies and eventually prints the test issue for system owner.
Information about performed verifications are downloaded on server and held in main data-base.


  • Transmission of data related to installations to be verified to mobile hand-held terminals
  • Planning verify tour for each technician
  • Data download from single hand-held terminal and automatic entry on main data-base
  • Display and report about installation status and detected data


  • Deletion of costs for data-entry and main data-base update
  • Reduction in inspection and verification times as far as it needs less time for issue release (data are previously uploaded on hand-held terminal and verification results are choosen by previously configured menus)
  • Increase of daily controls and possibility to make substitutive verifications thanks to data available on the hand-held terminal