Food traceability


  • Univocal and documented identification of products thanks to proper labelling of ID codes on boxes and packaging
  • Eventually finding product wherever it has been distributed
  • Tracing product history starting from aliments/ products used
  • Following product use and its location until final consumption



FLEX-TRACK system approach is to consider each ring of the production/distribution chain as its own self.
Definition and association of customized attributes take place on such single rings so permitting a clear identification of the basic object for traceability, what is defined as BATCH.
The system is thus adaptable to different scenarios, according to product types and/or operative dimension.
This process mapping, with regard to batch, starts with input materials (entrance batches) and follows through their whole path, creating automatically middle batches in function of different requirements.
Using this system, at the end of the process the final batch, the last one of the chain, is suitable to report all of its characterizing information and, furthermore, all of the information related to any of the previous batches before it on the chain as far as it is encapsulated as own attribute.
It will be so possible, starting from final batch, to backward explode any information related to different batches generated along the inner path and so tracing their main features.



  • Tracing and tracking of raw materials, production and packaging batches
  • Management of customers, suppliers and materials register
  • Materials acceptance and approval of raw material batches
  • Product sampling for production batch approval
  • Possible integration between interior and exterior traceability using a supplier-customer web service and complete integration with systems existing in the company (ERP)
  • The system operates in real time, and it is modular, flexible, and scalable in order to be adapted to the requirements of any single operator
  • Web-based architecture, integrated with WiFi, TAG, RFID technologies, hand-held terminals with bar-code reader RFID integrated with portable labels printers, printers and automatic labellers.