The project, funded under the Industry 2015 program – Sustainable Mobility –  is framed within the theme of rail vehicles and in particular the sub-theme of the coaches and / or innovative freight wagons, integrated with specific missions supporting infotainment systems.

The primary objective of the proposed program consists in design, development and construction of a functional prototype of a Double Deck  innovative passenger car, addressed to the transport of so-called Extended Users, consisting  in  people with physical disabilities, sensory or mental , congenital or acquired as a result of injury, disease, or simply as a contributory cause of senescence.


Name Sector Website
Magliola spa Railways
Blue Engineering srl Engineering & Design
FISA srl Railway Seat production
Faiveley Transport spa Railways
Logosystem Plus srl ICT
Politecnico di Torino Education , R&D


Period :  2010-2015