Work advance tracker


  • Automating inspection activities and work advance control
  • Tracking verification place and date
  • Consolidating data referred to works progress
  • Offering graphic report of work advance status


WAT is a mobile application to survey the work progress in large industrial productions: building, wide structures, shipyards.
The system is customizable according to different employment context.


Main server processes information flow contents displaying the work status sorted by type, area, sub-contracted firms, etc.
Hand-held mobile terminals detect data related to work advance and download them main server.
This application has been designed and delivered to the most important Italian shipyard.


  • Download on hand-held terminals of data related to works to be verified
  • Reading bar-code label: location/ place/ work
  • Assigning advance percentage
  • Signaling inspection notes
  • Downloading information on main server to analyze them
  • Consolidating information with results reported both in table and graphic form


  • Deleting costs for data-entry and main data-base update
  • Reducing inspection and verification times (no paper to compile)
  • Reducing reaction times for corrective actions to undertake
  • Immediate notification to subcontracting firms about delays
  • Automatic reporting to company direction and to purchaser