The project, funded under the Piedmont region program P.O.R. FESR 2007/2013 “aerospace” sector , is framed within the theme of smart satellites.

Project  CADET (CApture and DEorbiting Technologies ) aims the functional development of key technologies required for a rendez-vous mission uncooperative, capture and removal of space debris larger. The technologies developed in CADET include automatic target recognition techniques, guidance, navigation and control, and the trapping systems. CADET also aims the development of a test environment and a demonstrator integrated to be used for the verification tests and functional validation of these technologies.



Name Sector Website
AVIOSPACE Aerospace systems
Aero Sekur Space technologies
EICAS IT & Automation
DMA Acquisition Systems
Politecnico di Torino Education , R&D
BLUE Engineering SRL Engineering & Design


Period :  April 2013- June 2015