GREAT 2020 F2


The project, funded under the Piedmont region program P.O.R. FESR 2007/2013 “aerospace” sector , is framed within the theme of “green Engine” : environmental compatibility of air transport and  development of environmentally friendly aviation engine.

Project  GREAT2020 (GReen Engine for Air Traffic) is aimed at to find new engine architectures able to allow an high ratio of the by-pass:

  • Advanced Turbofan Engine, which maximizes the efficiency of the engine configuration by increasing the by-pass ratio, introducing lightweight materials for the low-pressure sections, and increasing the thermal efficiency of the engine core section;
  • Open Rotor, which leads to the highest level propulsive efficiency due to the use of external counter-rotating propellers. This solution presents significant challenges to the high level of expected noise emission;
  • Geared Turbofan, in which the speed of the low pressure turbine and the fan are released and placed in conditions of maximum efficiency, thanks to a built-in motor reduction system.



Name Sector Website
GE AVIO srl Aerospace systems
APR srl Aero space systems and components production
EnginSoft Engineering consulting
Exemplar Engineering consulting
Politecnico di Torino Education , R&D
BLUE Engineering SRL Engineering & Design


Period :  2013- June 2015