Purpose: The project, funded under the Industry 2015 program – Sustainable Mobility –  is framed within the theme of rail vehicles and in particular the sub-theme of the coaches and / [...]


Purpose: Net-Uno is aimed to develop a software platform that can integrate applications, subsystems and systems, as well as organize all services, new or existing, intended for port facilities. [...]


  Sistemi e Tecnologie per l’EsPlorazione Spaziale Fase 1 e Fase 2 Purpose: The project, funded under the Piedmont region program P.O.R. FESR 2007/2013 “aerospace” sector , is framed within [...]


Purpose: The main purpose of the project is focused on the study and design of an unmanned airship with low environmental impact, high endurance, improved operability and insensibility to adverse [...]


Purpose: Use of numerical multi-body simulation in addition to experimental tests on a scaled prototype of a railway bogie as a Design Method during the development stage of a new bogie.   [...]


Purpose: TITOSIM is a Growth European project (Proposal Number: GRD1 – 2000 – 25724) This project extends to the whole Product Development Process (PDP),  [...]


Stochastic Correlation of Analysis and Test European project ESPRIT 24900 ( Purpose: Development of a new method based on HPCN (High Performance [...]


High Performance Computer-Based Probabilistic Mechanical Design Environment Purpose: The project was funded under the frame of ESPRIT European projects ( Proposal N: 21089).   PROMENVIR [...]