Blue is a design company with long term experience in railway field . Skills and experiences allow Blue to resolutely meet the challenges of the market: quickness, quality, costs; in particular mode railway high knowledge in turn key design in a way to solve problems and to reduce risks and, therefore, costs.


Just give to Blue an engine and a box (for dimensions) : Blue will add its expertise, its unsurpassed numerical simulation capability , its integration between Design and Engineering and you will get the best car one can obtain in term of cost, comfort, reliability and safety.


It’s an airplane, an helicopter or a satellite, does not matter: Blue may intervene in many different sectors  mastering in any case either the design and the engineering. Internal and external fluid dynamics, thermal problems, ability to design complex systems and subsystems, ability to find in every case innovative and optimized solutions. In each case Blue  will be able to shape the matter with its deep know-how and its passion for difficult problems.


Design, development and installation of Software Solutions for production and logistics management destined to large industrial companies and SME. Main solution are:
M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System)
K.P.I. (Key Performance Indicator)



Blue, being a Company devoted to mechanical engineering, is by sure able to face marine problem. But, what Blue can offer as a plus in this sector is its superior knowledge of fluid-hydro-dynamic problems and how to simulate them. So, any mechanical system related to ship or any design problem related to shape of yachts ( depending in turn on fluid-hydro-dynamic) is a playing field where Blue can plays in an important role.


Blue Engineering since ever performed industrial R&D activities at all levels: European, National and Regional.

Research  has occurred in different fields: railway, automotive, aerospace, maritime. The amount spent by BLUE each year is 3-4% of the annual turnover.